Stan Wong 5K - Saturday: May 20, 2017 

Why should you fundraise for the Stan Wong Foundation?

(1) Most likely you or someone you know has been deeply effected by cancer.  It has unfortunately touched most of our lives.


(2) The Stan Wong Foundation is a volunteer organization so almost all proceeds go directly to helping fight cancer.


(3) One of our goals is to help LOCAL cancer patients and their families.  If you know a patient in need, please let us know.  We may be able to help.


(4) Fund raising online could take as little as 20 minutes.  Just log in, create a simple webpage and then invite others to visit and donate through e-mail.


(5) If your friends and family can't help, there is little to no pressure through e-mail.

Benefits of fundraising for the Stan Wong Foundation

In addition to helping in the fight against cancer, as a thank you from us you will receive a 4 pack of movie tickets and a dining gift certificate if you are the highest fundraiser.  Enjoy and enjoy a night out on us.

How to fundraise online
Get started with your fundraising now. Click here for a full guide

  • If you have already registered through, enter your username and password to login.  If you have NOT already registered through and do not have a user name, click on "I do not have a username or password", and then enter your information (make sure you uncheck the boxes next to the Newsletters if you don't want to receive lots of e-mails.)

  • Once you log in, it will take you to a page entitled "Create Your Fundraising Web Page".   Enter the title you want and the URL address you desire. Then click continue.

  • The next page allows you to set a fundraising goal, add an image (800 pixels in width or less) and personalize your page. When you are finished, click on "Save & Finish" on the bottom.

  • Finally, click on the "Send Emails" tab at the top.  Here is where you can create a personalized e-mail and add or import addresses to send it to. Then just wait for the donations to begin.

Offline Fundraising

If you prefer to fundraise in person, you can download a sponsorship form and ask face-to-face for the support of potential donors.  Bring it to work or school to find supporters as well.